Middles Years


The EtonHouse Middle Years Curriculum is a coherent and comprehensive curriculum framework that provides academic challenge and develops lifelong learning skills for students aged 11 through 16. As students progress to middle school, they will be exposed to the academically rigorous iGCSE curriculum and graduate with the iGCSE certification.

Our curriculum allows the student to relate and apply their learning to the real world through 5 ‘areas of interaction.’

– Approaches to Learning (ATL): through which students take on more responsibility for their own learning

– Community and Service: through which students become aware of their roles and responsibilities as members of communities

– Human Ingenuity: through which students examine, experience and reflect on human creativity and initiative for change

– Environments: through which students become aware of their interdependence with the world and are encouraged to develop responsible and positive attitudes towards the environment

– Health and Social Education: through which students are encouraged to develop respect for body and mind; and personal, physical and societal issues are investigated and debated

The five areas of interaction help the students to relate the eight subject groups to one another in meaningful and practical ways. The eight subject groups ensure that the student become knowledgeable over a range of traditional disciplines:

  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Language A
  • Language B
  • Humanities
  • Technology
  • Arts Performing and Visual

Health and Physical Education


Middle Years-MYP

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